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Diane Woods, our artist friend from San Francisco, and I were sitting in my back room…

She was staying with me (Cookie), while doing a project and she came up with the idea of “San Francis-cones.”  So, she was telling me about this and showing me some of her drawings as she wanted to design a show of these using the TransAmerica pyramid as the cone and then putting in SF icons into the ice cream.

This became the first line of my song, “San Francisco (is like a big ice cream cone)” then she was working on her San Francis-cones while I worked on writing the song.

We’d be working into the late, late night and then compare notes, I’d look at her drawings and she’d listen to the song as it progressed.  Eventually we thought that a music video with my song and her images would have to happen.  That brings us to today

Diane and I spent about an hour today on the phone revisiting the project and she told me a story about her dad who liked to go to a bar in SF called “Dom’s” which was owned by Joe DiMaggio’s brother, Dominic.  Joe and Marilyn Monroe would often go in there and Diane’s dad knew them, it was a surprise to me to know that Joe was a San Franciscan, since he played for NY Yankees, I assumed he was a New Yorker.  Diane said that Joe and Marilyn were supposed to remarry on the day she died.  He had rose petals put on her grave three times a week until he died.  Diane noted that not many artists have done much with Marilyn so we’ll see if she ends up in our video.

I said we can’t forget Coit Tower and she told me the story of Lillie Coit having the tower built as a memorial for the SF volunteer firefighters who saved her from burning as a child, I never knew the tower was built in the shape of a firehose.

All this talk about ice cream is making me hungry……..stay tuned for development on this project and check out Diane’s website below.  Here is a copy of one of my favorite pieces of hers.